Centering Pregnancy

Centering Pregnancy is a new way of delivering quality prenatal care by bringing women together in groups. The group medical visits provide strengths-based, interactive, prenatal care. Research has shown women in Centering Pregnancy groups experience fewer emergency room visits and premature deliveries, and they report knowing more and feeling more ready for labor and delivery. 

Centering Pregnancy sessions are led by trained staff and medical providers who partner with patients to improve birth outcomes. During group visits, more time is spent in discussion so women learn from one another as well as from the clinician. Those who are least likely to ask questions, including many immigrants and refugees, are most likely to benefit from the group format. Within the relaxed, social environment of the group, providers have multiple opportunities to recognize and assess risk factors.  Self care and risk reduction strategies are discussed at every visit.  Nutrition is reviewed in the early sessions of the program and clients are screened for depression.  Family Health Center offers Centering Pregnancy groups in English, Vietnamese, and Spanish.  Interpretation is available in other languages upon request.

Services available include:

  • Group interaction and discussion
  • Clinician one-on-one time
  • Pre-natal care and education
  • Self-care education
  • Labor and delivery education 
  • Risk reduction strategies 
  • Nutrition education
  • Depression screening