Program Outline

The Social Services Internship Program focuses on preparing skilled clinicians in the field of applied psychotherapy. We strive to encourage our interns to attain a high level of proficiency in psychotherapy. Above all, we strive to shape the autonomy of our clients.  We assist clients in figuring out constructive ways to deal with painful emotions, difficult relationships and challenging life circumstances. Interns, when appropriate, will refer clients to work with patient advocates so that they can learn about community resources that can assist them.  Interns will also follow best practice model of working to coordinate care and will communicate with primary care physicians and psychiatrists who are part of their client’s treatment team.

The Behavioral Health Interns have the opportunity to conduct risk assessments and triage clients to the appropriate level of care. Interns will conduct biopsychosocial assessments and will learn how to develop comprehensive clinical formulations that showcase hypotheses of how the client was at greater risk of having the presenting problems that led them to seek treatment.  Since all interns function like a staff therapist, they will conduct treatment within the framework of managed care which incorporates administering required clinical questionnaires as well as the business aspect of managing authorizations for sessions.  Psychology students have the opportunity to perform cognitive and projective testing to help achieve diagnostic clarity and treatment focus.

All interns have the opportunity to attend weekly individual and group supervision as well as a weekly clinical seminar. Students get in-vivo experience of being supervised while conducting therapy sessions.  They also have the opportunity to review audio recordings of sessions and utilize process recordings to deepen their reflection and self-evaluation of practice.  In the past several years students have had the opportunity to facilitate group supervision of staff involved with ancillary programs in the Social Services Department.