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A Statement of Solidarity

June 19, 2020

A Statement of Solidarity 

We have seen in recent weeks a movement growing in the streets, as the people raise their voices in a call for justice.  The televised episodes of the brutal and unequal treatment of black people, including the murder of George Floyd at the hands of those called to protect and serve, has shocked the consciousness of the decent.  The outcry across the county, from the streets of Minneapolis to our own Worcester Common, comes from the people’s righteous demand for action.  Our organization supports that call for action and provides a place to for all to come to a home where we treat those most in need to fight against healthcare disparities.

Family Health Center of Worcester has always stood for equality and justice.  We have always been a healthcare home for our community, but specifically for the underserved and often under represented populations.  We have been here to provide a Medical Home for anyone and everyone, because as the recent events – the COVID19 pandemic and the protests on the streets – have shown that caring for the entirety of our community is essential to everyone’s health and wellbeing. Our organization started in 1972 as the Family Health and Social Services Center, when a group local residents from our Main South neighborhood partnered with city leaders to address the health disparities in our communities.  Our commitment continues to this day.  Our board of directors is purposeful in maintaining a consumer majority, reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve, to ensure we never lose touch with our mission and purpose.  Our board channels the energy of our volunteer professionals, who bring their skills in service of a more vibrant Worcester. We are more than a health care organization; we are a force for social justice. 

We ask that you stand with us in solidarity, and work with us for a more just society.  Use your voice to call out injustice.  Open your arms to embrace our neighborhoods and welcome our neighbors.  We ask that you keep an open heart to cultivate awareness and understanding.  Know that together, we can build a Worcester where everyone can breathe free. 


Lynda Rowe, Board Chair
Louis Brady, President/CEO

Family Health Center of Worcester

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