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Moving forward with the "Promise"

October 10, 2011

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Recently, United Way of Central Massachusetts and community partners such as Clark University, Worcester Public Schools, Family Health Center, and Main South CDC submitted an implementation grant, titled the Main South Promise Neighborhood Partnership, to the US Department of Education for a five year $27 million grant under the nearly created Promise Neighborhoods program. The two-year-old federal program, which is meant to help local schools and non-profits work together to pair education with wraparound services received 234 applications nationally for the latest $30 million in grants, an amount that is to be split between planning and implementation awards. Among the implementation grants, the category in which United Way of Central Massachusetts submitted their proposal, there were a total of 35 applications, including 32 from non-profits, and three from institutions of higher education across the country. 

The MSPNP implementation grant is the second phase for United Way and it’s partners. Last year, UWCM was one of 21 communities across the country that had received a $470,000 planning grant. The last twelve months have consisted of research, interviews, resident engagement, planning, and community agency buy-in to develop the comprehensive five-year implementation proposal. Although the entire grant submission is not being released to the public for proprietary reasons, recent press coverage, a summary of applicant types,  as well as an overview of the grant are available here.

United Way of Central Massachusetts anticipates notification of grant award before the end of November.

Click here to learn more about the "Promise Neighborhoods" project at the United Way website. 

Click here for a summary of the "Promise Neighborhood" project. 

Click here for an article on the project in the Telegram & Gazette. 

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