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American Red Cross Recognizes Local Community Heroes

March 21, 2008

The American Red Cross held "A Breakfast of Champions" on Thursday, March 20, 2008 to celebrate the heroic acts of six local residents. Among those recognized were Family Health Center of Worcester's Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Grassette.

"Amy's willingness to share her emotional story has helped to educate the public on the face of homelessness. Amy's perception of homelessness was "Veterans, drunks...not families" - that is until it happened to her family. Shuffling their children among relatives and enduring shelter life certainly changed Amy's life. But now Amy's adversities are helping others. Amy began by sharing her story with the United Way of Central Massachusetts by volunteering to speak to agencies and businesses during their campaign. Today, Amy serves on the Mayor's Hunger Task Force, Worcester's Homeless Action Committee, Central Mass Housing and a UMass research project, Benefits and Services When Exiting a Shelter. Nationally, Amy is Co-Chair on the Health Care for Homeless National Consumer Advisory Board and has spoken during the House of Representatives briefing on this issue. Amy [also works] at the Family Health Center of Worcester, helping families through the process of qualifying for food stamps.

"Thank you, Amy, for sharing your personal experience, making a significant impact by helping others."

-American Red Cross Salute to Amy Grassette, Thursday, March 20, 2008