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FHCW Staff Psychologist Publishes Book

October 19, 2007

Craig Wiener, staff psychologist of Family Health Center of Worcester, Inc.'s (FHCW) Social Services department, recently released his book in May of 2007 titled: "ADHD as a Learned Behavioral Pattern: A Less Medicinal, More Self Reliant Collaborative Intervention."

Mr. Wiener will be attending a book signing on Saturday, Oct. 20 from 7pm-9pm at Barnes and Noble on 541 D Lincoln Street, Worcester, MA 01605. He has already been featured on Worcester's TV13 show "Coffee with Konnie," where he was interviewed by Worcester Mayor Konnie Lukes.

For more information, please visit the University Press of America website at www.univpress.com. All are invited to attend the Barnes and Noble Book Signing.