Give A Mask Get A Mask

Give A Mask, Get A Mask

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Family Health Center of Worcester has been here for the community. Our staff are on the front-lines everyday testing patients for COVID, treating patients who are ill, providing education and resources to help people quarantine and stop the spread of illness in the community. At the same time we are continuing to deliver babies, care for families, treat mental illness, support recovery from substance use disorders, prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, and help patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease to stay healthy. We have never seen such challenging times. Our team and our patients need your support now more than ever.

To meet the challenge of the pandemic and assure the safety of our patients and staff, Family Health Center is launching a capital campaign called “The New Normal” to raise funds for facility improvements and necessary technology. Friends of the health center may support this campaign at our new website Each donor will receive a mask, provide a mask for patient, and contribute to the capital campaign.