Jill Burns

Lobster Platter, Jill Burns

Jill Burns is the designer and artisan behind Early Bird Designs, a unique line of illustrated porcelain tableware. Her interest in art has been lifelong—always creating, building, sewing, or drawing something. She studied painting and printmaking at Boston University, but it was several years later that she first dipped her hands in clay. As newlyweds, she and her husband moved to Worcester and Jill decided to take a ceramics class at the Worcester Center for Crafts. From the start she was hooked on the potential of clay – expressive and functional. At the craft center she became an Artist-in-Residence and was named a Worcester Cultural Council Fellow.

All pieces are handmade and inspiration comes from many sources, such as 18-19th century engravings, the backyard garden and the natural world. Pieces begin as porcelain slabs that are draped over plaster forms. Free-hand drawing are carved and inlaid with a dark liquid clay (slip), becoming an integral part of the piece. The result is a mixture of drawing, engraving and watercolor. 

Website: www.earlybirddesigns.net