Irina Parfenova

Shelf-Life 1

I am a representational figurative artist focusing on a complex fragile unity of the human population and the planet. I tend to view depicted figures as objects in the cosmic system that are connected and influence each other on many different levels. I tend to devoid my models of specific identity instead painting a certain type within a bigger world, each type can be viewed as a bridge between the past tradition and ever evolving present moment. Therefore, the figures can have attributes, like clothing, hair style or tattoos that embrace the history of humanity, rather than a certain time period.    showing     life as a continuous, full of rhythm, drama, contrast and mystery.

After I have studied old master artistic practices in Russia, I moved to the USA in 2001 where I continued my education and worked in sun-drenched Florida and later in coastal California, spending a lot of time outside depicting the ever-changing natural environment and its inhabitants.

Painting and drawing has been a spiritual experience for me, a way to feel connected with the past while staying immersed in the rich flow of life.