Gregg Carter

Foureye Butterfly Fish - Devils Grotto Reef, Grand Cayman, Gregg Carter

Although I live and work in Rhode Island—and dive its magnificent coastline as often as I can between late April and early November—my underwater photographs are taken further to the South:  Some are from wrecks I have dived in the Florida Keys, the Caribbean, and off the coasts of North Carolina and South Carolina, while others come from coral reef dives in the Florida Keys and The Bahamas, as well as many of the classic dive locations across the Caribbean (e.g., Aruba, , Belize, Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands).  Even though underwater photography is only a challenging hobby for me (I’m a sociology professor!), my photographs have appeared in a variety of art shows, dive magazines, commercial and community websites, and even in a marine biology book.