Catherine Washburn Ryan

Catherine Ryan

My earliest memories of "fun" in childhood go back to times when I was drawing, pasting or decorating something. The practicalities of the grown up world pushed much of that urge to create with my hands to a secondary role in my life, but it would still pop up from time to time. I became a Spanish teacher who regretted that she could not entertain her classes with a guitar. I did, however, find ways to draw images on the board to help my students capture the meaning of this "foreign" language I was speaking. When my son was a little boy and declined the waitress' offer of crayons to decorate a placemat, I would happily accept them and in his stead and color the images myself.

I always wanted to try my hand at watercolor but feared it might be too daunting. One day about nine years ago I decided it was time to try it. Now in retirement I do just that. I paint at home and I when I travel. I paint with friends who are painters and when I am alone. I stare at sticks and see a wealth of color in them and not just something brown. Flowers transport me!  Scenery isn't just there just to be admired, but also to be taken in and captured in a vision to be put down on paper. Then I get to experience the greatest pleasure of all.....a chance to share that vision with others. What a wonderful life I have when I can see it through watercolor.