Bayda Asbridge

Summer Day, Bayda Asbridge

Bayda is a local community artist who has the ability to work in a wide range of mediums. Since her arrival in the United States in 2007, Bayda got trained as an Asian Brush painter who moved on to teach that art form at Worcester Art Museum adding a very strong element to the education department and contributing a vast knowledge in painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, Japanese weaving (Saori) and a wide range of other mixed media. Her work has been recognized in several local galleries, including our faculty exhibitions and at the Fitchburg Art Museum, giving her a well-rounded knowledge of all stages of artistic production from conception through to presentation. She has been awarded several awards including the Francis Kinnicutt Award. Since 2010 Bayda has been placed in the top three in several art exhibitions and has also been interviewed twice on local television networks to honor her work. Bayda continues her ever-growing career as an artist and as a member of the Worcester Art Museum faculty, a member of Arts Worcester, a member of Silk Road Art Guild member & a member of Good Press Printmaking Group.