Bayda Asbridge

When the Wind Blows, Bayda Asbridge

Bayda Asbridge is a visual artist who is interested in many genre of art especially Asian & Middle Eastern Arts.  Bayda applies traditional methods as well as taking liberties in expressing her artistic vision in other mediums such as weaving in the Japanese (Saori) style, printmaking & Asian brush painting.

In 2014 , Bayda initiated a new art project that addresses human rights and social justice to open a forum for artists to discuss freely their concerns; it is called Healing Fibers. The 2014 exhibit addressed violence against women; 2015 was about war and peace and this year it will be about violence against children.

Bayda has displayed some of her art work in a number of local galleries, libraries, museums and exhibitions.  Also in 2010, she was awarded the Frances Kinnicut scholarship where she traveled to England to study mixed media with Lydia Bauman, a well-known British artist.   



Phone: 508-579-7776