Amy Feeley-Austin

 The Car Show, Amy Feeley-Austin
 Hugs, Amy Feeley-Austin

Amy Feeley has been an award winning student artist, who currently works in the field of public health. She holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management, and is enrolled in a graduate program in epidemiology and public health.  She is passionate about social justice in healthcare, especially regarding mental health care and substance abuse services.  Amy works full time as the Manager of Quality Improvement and Population Health at Family Health Center.  In her spare time, Amy volunteers with refugee health and several global health initiatives. She resides in Westminster, MA with her young sons who love to paint and draw with her, and with her partner Matthew.

Amy's artwork has been featured at exhibitions at The Monserrat College of Art, The Worcester Art Museum, and The Fitchburg Art Museum.  Her primary medium is acrylic or mixed media on canvas, but she also dabbles in line drawing and pastels on paper.  A great deal of her paid work in the arts has been in interior design and custom mural design and rendering.  She is inspired by children’s illustration and by the ocean.