Meet the Artists

Art in the City 2017

Many thanks to our donating artists. Check back weekly for additional artist biographies and artwork!
Click here to download a copy of the 2017 Call to Artist form.


Benjamin Adwetewa-Badu
Bob Aiello
Michael Alfano
Bayda Asbridge
Gloria Asselta-Sullivan
Emilie Astell
Carol Bloomfield
Sarah "Sally" Bowditch
Christopher Camosse
Gregg Carter 
Kim Cutler
Jenn Falcon
Amy Feeley-Austin
Robin Foley
Lizzie Fortin
Judith Freeman Clark
Michael Graves 
Brian Higgins
Ria Hills
Gail Hormats
Richard Paul Hoyer
Mark Kantor
Marshall Katzen
Linda Lee Johnson

Rosemary Lano
Jean Murphy
Norman Ringdahl
Jack Sikes
Linda Sinacola
Carolyn Sirois
Sharon Smith Viles
Pam Spielberg
Sid Solomon
Sue Swinand
Andrew Syiek 
Peter Viles
Catherine Washburn Ryan
William Witherell