Program Goals

  • Training in a community-based, patient-centered setting
  • Improve confidence in analyzing difficult cases
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Developing competence in behavior management of pediatric patients
  • Develop skills and planning

About Family Health Center of Worcester

Family Health Center of Worcester is a community health center located in downtown Worcester serving over 19,000 patients a year. Since it was founded in 1972, FHCW has been committed to providing comprehensive care to the low-income, diverse populations of downtown Worcester through the provision of primary care, dental, mental health and social services. Our team is comprised of over 330 people and we provide services in 35 languages.

Since 1974, Family Health Center has been affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School as a residency training site for family medicine residents. Since the program began, the center has trained over 140 physicians.

In 2005, we expanded our educational mission and added a dental residency program. In 2011, it became affiliated with the Lutheran Advanced Education in General Dentistry program. Since 2005, we have trained 15 residents in general dentistry.