Board of Directors

Family Health Center of Worcester is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprised of community leaders, grassroots advocates, health care professionals, and 51% consumers/patients who have served from 1 to 30 years as leaders and passionate advocates for the health center.  Board members represent a diverse group of skills, knowledge and life experiences, and share a commitment to strengthen the long term effectiveness of Family Health Center.

Board of Directors

Lynda E. Rowe, Chair

Joseph O. Scardino, Esq., Vice-Chair

John K. True, Treasurer

Philip R. Magnusson, Clerk

Rev. Louis G. Bond, Ph.D., Member-at-Large

Vaughn P. Garabedian, RN

Donald W. Grant

Marshall Katzen, M.D.

Odette Lopez

Monica Escobar Lowell

Peter J. Martin, Esq.

Elizabeth M. McTigue

Janice MorganJones

Ellen S. More, Ph.D., Member-at-Large

Afia Brayie Ossei

Rev. Dr. Sarai Rivera, MSW

Janelle Salmon-Person, Ed.D.

Doreen M. Samuels

Margaret L. Sellers

Robert Spellane

Esther Faith Tendo

Anna Whitted